The Thieves At TDSB Want More Time To Waste Your Money - Union Cronies Charged $857.00 Bucks To Hang 3 Pictures

The province - too chickenshit to actually seize control of the TDSB, have offered to send in "advisers" to reign in the theft of your tax of your dollars, the thieves at the TDSB are balking even at that.

 Examine the arrogance of the following statement"

“We need to make sure it is useful to staff and it will further improve our processes, procedures and programming,” Toronto District School Board chair Chris Bolton said after 18 trustees' closed-door meeting Wednesday night."

Union cronies allowed to engage in fraud:

At one school, Emery Collegiate Institute in North York, a work crew was summoned to hang three pictures one day in March 2011, a job that took seven hours and cost $266. Eight days later, workers were once again called to the same school to “hang three pictures on the wall.” That time, workers billed for 24 hours at a cost to taxpayers of $857.

These people should lose their jobs and be charged with theft and fraud.

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