Out Of Syria's Murk & Gloom: Allegations Of Syrian Sex Trafficking Ring Run By A Montreal Resident Have Surfaced

The following story and video which claims the Damascus based "Islam Times" as its source has surfaced on both Liveleak and Youtube. It levels the allegation that Ayman Abdel Nour, a Syrian national, who it is claimed maintains a residence in Montreal, heads a sex trafficking ring exploiting young girls hoping to escape the Syrian conflict.

Now remember this is the murky world of Syria you're dealing with, this may well be a disinformation campaign orchestrated by Assad's side to smear an enemy. The video accompanying the "story" has absolutely nothing to do with anything, other than to feature a comely lass in a compromising situation.

An Ayman Abdel Nour does appear to be  a resident of Montreal,  and is the founding editor of All4Syria.   He is also notably, a member of Syrian Christians for Democracy, an organization supporting the anti-Assad "rebels".

Bear in mind that Rebel supporting activists have been attacked in Canada.

Efforts to contact Ayman Abdel Nour have so far not received a reply.

Below is the text accompany the videos, both of which were published within the last 12 hours. I am trying to verify the stories "source" claims. Overall it's a pretty crude effort, amateurish even.

Jihadi's biggest incentive to go to Syria isn't what fox news tells you

Damascus (Islam Times) - The source senior Jordanian Islam Times correspondent in Amman "Nasr Hassan" suggests that Jordanian authorities recently uncovered a lucrative international sex trafficking network led by Syrian dissident based in Dubai.

He added: "It was frequented Oman aims to exploit the plight of Syrian refugees to intentionally delude Syrian girls and their parents by the guise of a businessman looking for girls proficient work in administrative functions. Simple prerequisites are any girl that has completed middle school, and after that obtaining parental consent is another way of making the scheme seem legitemate. Syrian subjected girls endure Jordan transportation from Amman to Dubai, then to Saudi Arabia, where forced into prostitution, or forced to marry rich men have attained the age of reprehensible(atleast 9 years of age).

"The source revealed that the sensitivity prompted prosecutors in Jordan to prevent the press from taking this subject, especially as the leader of the network a known collaborator with Israeli intelligence and Saudi Arabia, and is working on securing young girls from Syria, Lebanon and poor countries different to wealthy Saudis, and gets in return prices, pay him according to the girl's beauty, and according to age, height and hair color and so on. The judicial Jordanian source said : "investigations revealed that Ayman Abdel Nour, who holds Syrian citizenship, and has permanent residence in Montreal, often frequents in Dubai and the camp Zaatari in search of girls from poor families looking for a way out from the scourge of war. Unaware parents send their daughters to work in "jobs" supposedly respectable until they have uncovered what the network that facilitates prostitution and practises of slave trade after receiving information from the United Arab Emirates to Jordanian intelligence, according to the involvement of some Syrians expats in Jordan in the network of the slave trade headed by Ayman Abdel Nour. A person whom appears on media and talk shows as forms of credibility all the while heading up trafficking rings to exploit the very young women he is openly calling "freedom" for, one wonders what freedoms and liberty they endure once they are shipped to their wealthy Saudi handlers."

h/t N from NY

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