Girl arrested in Tehran for wearing red, white and blue nail polish

A girl in Iran has been arrested for wearing Union Jack nail polish as young Iranians report a fresh crackdown by the authorities on inappropriate dress and behaviour.

The wave of arrests has dented hopes of a relaxation in Iran’s strict social guidelines under Hassan Rowhani. the country’s new President. In a speech before his landslide election victory in June, the moderate cleric pledged: “I will not allow a patrol officer to question the clothing of our girls, daughters themselves are guardians of chastity.”

Instead, Tehranis report that after a brief pause following the election the religious police are back out in force. Several women have been arrested for flouting rules on proper wearing of the hijab, a constant irritation to the authorities. Most have been fined and released.

In a similar incident two weeks ago, two girls were arrested in Tehran for wearing tights that bore the Star of David in the pattern.

Reports of the girl’s arrest in conservative newspapers blamed a “cultural war against Iran” for the insidious creep of Western decadence into Iranian life, corrupting the nation’s youth in an effort to undermine the Islamic Republic.

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