Gee. How come not a single Muslim Nation has signed on to the UN's Syrian Refugee Resettlement program

"There are currently 17 countries participating in the Syria resettlement/ Humanitarian Admission Programme efforts. The countries that have made specific pledges are Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. In addition, France and the USA are participating, but have not yet provided specific numbers."

Yes I am aware that - "Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq - have absorbed the majority of the refugees..." but guess what, this is not our fight and we are not obligated to clean up the Middle East's mess. Why hasn't Saudi Arabia signed on? Or Qatar? Both are extremely wealthy nations. Too busy funding Syria's sectarian war perhaps?

What about Indonesia? Malaysia? The UAE? Pakistan anyone? Why hasn't the OIC mustered its 80 or so nation members to handle this?

It's doubtful we will be able to pick and choose the refugees we welcome, the UN likely will make that choice for us. The West has been bled enough by the Middle East. No More.

Oh wonderful... Asst. Secretary of State: Egypt Churches Burned by Some People Who Are ‘Simply Anti-Christian

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