The Michael Brown "Narrative" Goes To Hell At Light Speed!

Called it!
Now, the last time we talked, old D.B. explained to you kiddies some of the problems with the MSM narrative of the Michael Brown shooting.
I tell you, it feels cool to be right, so tonight, I'm sporting my favorite pair of retro vintage shades.

But enough about me, let's talk about some other things that seem to be crashing toward Earth at something approaching terminal velocity.
The damn Michael Brown shooting narrative!

The first crack in the dam was the release of the security footage.
The second crack was the recovered audio from the cell phone video with a witness (prior to being interviewed by the Police) voluntarily giving a fairly accurate description of events that tell of Michael Brown going for the officer's gun and then charging at the officer before he was shot.

The cracks grew larger and faster with the release of the autopsy report that showed Saint Michael of the O.G. took all of his rounds from the front, and most certainly was not holding his hands up when he was shot.
Then the release of the Police Officer's X-Rays showing that he was indeed attacked by Michael Brown and that he did suffer serious damage at the hands of the now very carbon neutral Mr. Brown.

Then the cracks seems to spider outwards in all directions with the disclosure that Michael Brown was higher than John Lennon when he was sent to meet his maker.

Now we have a RECANTATION by Michael Brown's literal partner in crime Dorian Johnson! He has just recanted his earlier testimony and struck a plea deal for either crimes committed in this event, or for previous outstanding warrants that he has.
Which it is, I'm just not sure.

So prepare for more instances of spontaneous demands for justice in the form of burning and looting when this get officially disclosed sometime tomorrow.

As an added bonus, and maybe even a retro preview of tomorrow, I share with you the 1992 L.A. Riots as viewed by someone that lives very near Florence and Normandy, the flash point of the 1992 Riots, and whom was outside playing (he was 6-years-old at the time) and caught the very beginnings of the whole thing.

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