Islamic State bootcamp in Turkey along Syrian border: media

ANKARA, SEPTEMBER 1 - The jihadist Islamic State (IS) has a training camp in Turkey near the Syrian border, reported Turkish media on Monday, citing an investigative report by the German television channel Ard.

The armed group has been responsible for numerous atrocities in Syria and Iraq. Opposition daily Sozcu reports that Ard has shown photos of the camp, near Gaziantep in southern Anatolia, where the terrorists are sent into Iraq and Syria after being trained.

About 400 youths from Germany have been trained at the camp, reports Ard...

Members of Kurdish Peshmerga force stand guard at the Sulaiman Pek frontline, Aug. 31. REUTERS Photo

Possibly related (at the very least it shows less concern with defeating ISIS than harassing Kurds): Turkish nationalists concerned military aid to Peshmerga may end up in PKK’s hands: Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has voiced its concern that military equipment sent to Iraq’s Peshmerga forces by a coalition of Western nations may end up in the hands of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

“Entitled ministers of the government and their institutions need to monitor the weapons transfer closely,” MHP Deputy Chair Tuğrul Türkeş said on Sept. 2, referring to a recent statement by U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Albania, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy and the United Kingdom have committed to sending arms and equipment to the Kurdish forces in northern Iraq, Hagel said on Aug. 26, noting that operations would “accelerate in the coming days as more nations are also expected to contribute”...

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